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925 Silver Charoite Stone Pendant

925 Silver Charoite Stone Pendant
925 Silver Charoite Stone Pendant
925 Silver Charoite Stone Pendant
925 Silver Charoite Stone Pendant


• Charoite kicks off its healing powers with the body as it uses those high frequencies to shift sickness and pain into health and prosperity.

• As a natural stress buster, Charoite is excellent at helping keep your blood pressure in check and can also help improve the health of your pancreas and liver. The serene energy can also be hugely beneficial to those who struggle with Asperger’s or ADHD.

• This purple talisman also works when it comes to detoxing the body too and can be a useful tool for those trying to cut back on any toxins.

• Finally, it can also be a savvy pain killer, helping to ease everything from muscle aches to migraines.

925 Silver Charoite Stone Pendant
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